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The pleasures of fine dining in an elegant decor right here in Belleville, Ontario.

    Some people don't want a "Quick snack" or a "Speedy chicken", they want to enjoy their food leisurely. They want it carefully prepared, elegantly served and they want time to enjoy it in a pleasant atmosphere. Paul Dinkel lovingly created  to please such people.

    Located in downtown Belleville, on the edge of Prince Edward County, one of the fastest growing wine producing regions in Ontario,  is the expression of Paul's devotion to food and wine. A friendly bar, a bright dining room, a patio garden and a special occasion room await you, ready to delight you with Leisurely Food.

      Leisurely Food is food that reveals the flavors and savors of fresh ingredients expertly combined to enchante the palate. With Leisurely Food  restores meals to their traditional cultural role, once again we meet around the table to enjoy good food, good wine and good company.

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Newly renovated Dining Room and Courtyard, allows for an outdoor experience sitting Outside or In. Parties, Weddings, or other Private functions are not interrupted by the weather with our outer optional Awning Wall.

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